Synergy Enterprise Accounting: Pedigree!

Synergy is in its version 10.9 incarnation which indicates a long history of commitment from our part, and success. On the market for more than ten years, it regularly undergoes major revisions and redesign to comply with new technologies and market requirements.

Using professional development tools and techniques, open architecture, and a vast experience in software development (our development history dates back to 1986), are the guarantee to successful deployments and reliable service. We can successfully claim that in all our deployments, we never had a database corruption due to software or operating system failure. And as a testimony to this, we are prepared to give a written guarantee that, unless your hardware fails (mainly your hard disk), your critical data is safe. Find somebody else in the industry who gives such a guarantee and we are prepared to give you Synergy for free!
We have spent an enormous amount of time designing our user interface to make it intuitive, practical and fast to work with. Things like automatic drop down lists with search capabilities at the touch of a button, or click of the mouse, will make your daily routine tasks a pleasure to use. They will also enhance the data integrity of the system to unprecedented levels.

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Unmatched Audit Trail
The traditional audit trails for transaction and other records modifications is extended to a new dimension. Not only you have a record of who inserted a record, but also a full track of all modifications to a record. This includes the user, workstation name/IP, date, exact time and the operation that was performed. All this happens seamlessly in the background.
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True Client/Server Technology
Any software is only as good as the technology it is based on. A demanding application requires advanced data storage and handling. Data integrity and reliability cannot be compromised. We are at the cutting edge of technology using a client/server architecture, with a true SQL relational database to handle all the data storage and processing needs of Synegry. This way we can keep an unlimited number of financial years online.
Custom Security Levels
During our long involvement and experience with banking and accounting systems, it turned out that the traditional practice of predefined security levels is simply not enough for most applications. We have therefore developed our own unique customisable security manager which offers unparalleled granularity when it comes to designing security schemes. User categories or groups can be defined which specify all access properties down to the field level.

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Custom Report Integration
Any system is only as good as its ability to present the information it stores and processes. Synergy's fully integrated report generator is in a class by itself and allows virtually unlimited customisation of all the built in system reports as well as the definition of new reports. A centralised report definition repository is maintained in the system database for accessibility by all users. On top of this, all reports can be printed to multiple destinations, such as hardcopy, saved as PDF files to be sent by e-mail, sent by fax, to html for web presentation or email dispatch, and even to Excel for further processing and manipulation. And all this at no extra cost or runtime royalties as in most other ERP applications (for example Crystal reports, though we can also interface to Crystal reports if necessary, again at no extra cost).

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Integrated Spreadsheet
Using the built-in, fully integrated Spreadsheet, report worksheets can be defined once, and used over and over again by just changing a few parameters. All that needs to be done is to place the appropriate custom functions that collect data from Synergy Accounting. There is no need to even have Microsoft Excel installed. The Synergy Spreadsheet is all that is needed since it is Excel Compatible. The monthly reports can be prepared in a matter of minutes since the only thing necessary is to input the correct date at the top of the spreadsheet/report.
Customised Advices/Transaction Slips
The Banking Edition of Synergy can print customised debit/credit advices. An unlimited number of formats may be designed using the built in designer. This capability, combined with the custom transaction journal designer provides functionality which can be achieved only through custom application programming.
Total Integration
When our competitors speak of Integration, they usually tend to be vague and general. We have redefined the term, and in the process we have evolved it into an art form. Integration with third party or custom applications is a snap using our own automation objects. No more export and import of text or other files. Should there be a need, we help you interface with your existing or other custom applications. All this in a secure and reliable way. A good example of this, is the seamless integration of our own Web Banking System, the very first online banking to operate out of Cyprus, and one of the first around the world, dating back to 1997.

Reliability and Integrity
The most valuable asset of any operation is its data. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that your data is safe and readily available. As we have mentioned before, we are probably the only ones in the industry to offer a no nonsense guarantee on the integrity of your database. Short of a dead hard disk, nothing should worry you.

When dealing with data integrity one must also mention the amount of time necessary to bring up the database online after say a severe hardware failure. We are proud to claim that, given that a new server has to be configured from scratch and the database loaded, we can do it in no more than half an hour. What this means to you, is that first, you have your data online in almost no time, and –also important- it doesn't cost you much in support charges.

We also offer schemes whereby 24x7x365 availability is almost 100% guaranteed without the use of expensive hardware and licensing fees. Actually we can do it on any server, and it all you have to provide is the hardware and the operating system. No other royalty fees or expenses required. Ask anybody for such a solution. Then, ask them how much it costs.

Furthermore, we offer redundancy schemes whereby Synergy's internal data replication feature ensures that your data is always available on a second server, at some remote premises. Another Central Bank requirement at no extra cost.

You can even Backup the database without bringing it offline. Actually, the system can be configured to take "intelligent" backups at predetermined intervals and file them by date/week/month so they can be readily accessible should the need ever arise.

Platform Flexibility
Most systems are virtually locked to specific platforms when it comes to hardware and operating system choice. Synergy is not constrained because we foresaw the need to provide the flexibility to our customers to choose. To choose and to save money, because, at the end of the day, this is what it boils down to. The key in today's fiercely competitive market place, is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By providing a rich choice of server platforms, we allow you to capitalise on any existing investment on hardware or operating systems you already made, plus to fully take advantage of any in-house expertise you may have available.

We fully support Windows Server (NT, 2000, 2003), Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Darwin, AIX, and even MacOS.

Unique Features
Synergy has pioneered a set of unique features. We are proud that many of these features are still unique today, years after their introduction.

Flexible search and filter
One of the most common chores in the daily work of any software is information lookup. It is amazing how accounting software has stayed behind in this aspect. Synergy offers flexible and extremely powerful ways to find and filter information. You can search on any field and you can filter on any field. Using the flexible filter dialog you can combine rules and constraints such as "All customers whose over 90 days balance is over 500.00 and have not paid in the last 3 months". In general these filter rules can be saved so you don't have to re-enter them all the time.

Transaction search
How many times did you have to look for a specific transaction that was probably entered wrongly in some other account. Things do become messy and frustrating if you are one of those companies that have hundreds of thousands or millions of transactions per year. With Synergy's transaction Inquiry screen you can specify any of the information you do remember such as approximate amount, approximate date, journal code, etc. and thus cut down the returned information to a minimum, manageable volume.

Integrated Document Scanning and Storage
Synergy allows you to scan accounting documents (invoices, receipts, bank statements etc.) and attach them to specific accounts or transactions. No need for a separate EDM package. Attaching the document to an account or transaction, allows unparalleled audit trail and verification.

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