July 28, 2010

FREE CBC Reports Assistant© released
CBC Reports Assistant or CBC Assist for short is a free version of our highly acclaimed CentralReports. It can do many of the things CentralReports can do. Specifically, it will run checks on your report text file, verify its correctness and generate the report in spreadsheet format based on the Central Bank of Cyprus templates.

Click here for more info and to download

December 23, 2007
EuroCalc© Free Euro Calculator
Eurocalc is a very simple Euro Converter/Calculator. It may help some people who deal with cash in both Euro and Pounds. It can be downloaded from here.
November 14, 2005
CentralReports© hits the mark!
CentralReports© the unique software package that helped Offshore and Local banks prepare and submit the new Central Bank reports has proved to be the ONLY software of its kind to successfully prepare and submit the reports, for all the banks that used it, in time, without a glitch, and at the same time enabling bank accountants be certain that their submissions are correct. In particular, the built-in spread sheet and its extended drill down capabilities have ensured that the people working on the reports had a complete picture in front of them when preparing the admittedly complex reports.
As a testimony to its well thought out and advanced design, CentralReports© is already being used to prepare other reports required from banks, such as the Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI, required by the IMF).
The creators of CentralReports© are already working to extend and expand its usefulness by adding more features. Now that the burden of submitting the first set of reports according to the latest reporting directives is over, work can continue on making the package as general purpose and as feature rich as possible.
July 28, 2005

CentralReports generated report first to be submited to Central Bank
CentralReports was the first software to generate a report based on actual customer data. The report was submited to the Central Bank for feeding through their verification software. In the meantime, CentralReports is continuously being enhanced with more features, even though the software fully satisfies the new Central Bank reporting directives. This is only one indication of our commitment to total solutions that go far beyond the specs. It is a mere manifestation of the drive within the company for excellence.

May 18, 2005
CentralReports released
CentralReports is a new product targeted at assisting Banks, offshore and local, comply with the new EU reporting requirements. The product is the result of relentless efforts from our part, given the tight time schedule. The software incorporates its own data import wizard to allow import and advanced manipulation of data from various banking systems/database back ends. Among others, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, DB2, Informix and Firebird/Interbase are supported. ODBC and OLEDB are also supported, as well as direct import from Excel spreadsheets.
The system is capable of fully generating and validating the reports according to the specifications and directives set out by the Central Bank of Cyprus. The report validation rules can be easily customised and there is no need for software updates when the specifications change.
One of the most advanced features of CentralReports is the built-in custom Excel spreadsheet, a technology borrowed from our own Synergy Accounting/Banking Edition.
You can read more about CentralReports here.
August 17, 2004
Synergy Enterprise Accounting version 8.0 released
Conforming to our policy of continuous improvement, Synergy Accounting 8.0 has been released today. The new release offers a lot of improvements that relate to the user interface and the overall speed of the product to mention just a few. It also features a brand new, completely redesigned from scratch, Security Manager. In Synergy terminology, the security manager is the module that lets system administrators define the access rights of all users. The new security manager is faster, more intuitive to use and allows more granularity in the definition of access policies. Now you can restrict access no t only to specific forms, but to parts of forms as well. For example, you could restrict access to the balances tab in the Ledger Accounts Form to users whom you don't wish to see the balances of accounts. In a planned sub-release, the security manager will be expanded to allow even further granularity. One of the planned features will be the restriction of access not only to specific functional areas, but also to specific group of records as well, for example General Ledger Accounts or Customers. Other improvement areas include the Filter dialog which is now much more powerful and allows the saving of custom filters in the database itself so that all users can use them. Customers who are eligible for the upgrade may upgrade using the built-in Auto Update feature.
June 27, 2004

Cygazette.com version 2.0 is here!
After exactly one year of very successful operation, the cygazette.com site receives a major update. The new site got a major face lift and more functional features were added. Now, you can be notified by e-mail with the parts of the Cyprus Official Gazette that are of interest to you.

January 3, 2004

Synergy to help Avtovazbank International Banking Unit
Synergy Accounting/Banking Edition is the new accounting software at the Avtovazbank International Banking Unit. After a long search for a new accounting software, Avtovazbank decided that Synergy meets all their needs for, in-house reporting, Central Bank reporting and for reporting to their Head Office.

Avtovazbank is one of the largest and oldest banks of the Russian Federation. The Avtovaz group, among other activities such as mining, are makers of the Lada motor vehicles.

December 1, 2003
Atlantic Insurance trusts Synergy
Atlantic Insurance have trusted Synergy Accounting after a many year reliance on a major international accounting package, possibly the most famous accounting package in Cyprus. After reviewing Synergy and comparing with their existing system, and of course, after comparing the prices for upgrading the old software with a new version, they came to the conclusion that Synergy was about half as expensive. Not only this but in terms of features, Synergy is much richer and of a much more modern design. The deployment of the Synergy Remote Client in the branch offices is another feature that the competition could not offer at the price. The excitement was obvious, and as the management at Atlantic put it "now we can provide a computer for every employee, it will at last increase productivity". Link Systems has provided a comprehensive migration path from the old system. All data has been migrated to Synergy and the company's entire accounting history is now online on Synergy. At this time, approximately 50 users are using Synergy or the Remote Client. It is estimated that this number will soon increase.
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