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Link Systems released  software to assist Offshore and Local Banking Units in their effort to comply with the new Central Bank of Cyprus reporting requirements.

Given the complexity of the new Central Bank reporting requirements many banking units, especially the smaller ones with no, or limited IT resources are facing serious difficulties in producing on time the new report format.

The complexity of the new reporting format aside, the fact that most banking units use a multitude of diverse software systems makes the task of producing a single integrated piece of software to cater to all, rather  difficult.

In spite of our extensive advance knowledge of both the subject and the scope of the new requirement, we had to work under a very tight time frame in order to meet the "go live" deadline, imposed by the Central Bank

CentralReports is a software suite that combines data extraction, data warehousing, reporting and data verification facilities to accommodate most or all of the steps involved in extracting data from existing legacy applications and producing the final Central Bank reports. One very important aspect is the strict data verification that is carried out on the final output according to the new Central Bank guidelines.

Database compatibility
A data extraction wizard allows the import of data from most databases. So far, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase, and all OLEDB/ODBC compliant data sources are supported. We would welcome feedback on additional databases/data sources not included in the present list of supported databases.

Data Import Wizard
The built-in data import wizard facilitates the import of the bank’s data into CentralReports’ database and data structures to enable further processing. All the major databases are supported natively, and there is also the option to use OLEDB/ODBC drivers. At the time the following databases are supported natively:
  • Oracle (up to version 10g)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (up to 2000, and when released 2005)
  • Sybase ASE, ASA
  • IBM DB2 (up to version 8)
  • Informix
  • Firebird/Interbase

The data import module allows the selection of a source database, and the mapping of data columns (or fields) into the internal CentralReports columns. Several enhancements place it above normal data transfer utilities:

  • Selection of not only tables, but through custom SQL query statements.
  • Mapping of columns
  • Assignment of constant values for certain columns

Custom program code execution. This unique feature allows the execution of customised program code to manipulate the source data before importing. Basically, CentralReports contains its own micro-interpreter/compiler. Code is compiled for faster execution, a very important aspect when importing large amounts of data. Custom code may be written in vbscript, jscript or Pascal. Many custom functions are available. The custom script may be used to translate values that do not comply with the values required by CentralReports and the Central Bank. For example the following code (in Pascal) will fix up the country code:

SetData('EINS_CODE', 'S.122.1');
if Contains(InData('ACCOUNTCODE'), 'A') then
   SetData('RBL_CODE', '11000');

Manual Data Manipulation, after import. Also supports the execution of SQL statements on the imported data, for bulk data changes.

Data Mapping Module
The data mapping module allows the massaging of data after import. One important area of its functionality is the ability to store a predefined mapping table of account codes and their equivalent RBL_Code as per Central Bank requirements. This frees the reporting bank from the burden of having to modify their legacy software applications to support RBL_Codes. In a similar fashion, EINS codes and NACE Codes may be mapped.
Report Generation Module
The report generation module is the heart of CentralReports. After the data has been imported and prepared, it generates the actual Central Bank report. It queries the imported data, generates all totals, enforces all rules and generates the report for all the schedules.
Data Viewer
There may still be cases, depending on the completeness of the available data, when manual intervention is necessary. The convenient data viewer facilitates the quick editing and modification of data. The required fields are highlighted as per the Central Bank rules outlined out in the directives thus making it easier to locate what is missing.

Built-in ad hoc report writter
Granted, the main objective is to prepare the reports for the Central Bank in a swift, accurate and effective manner. CentralReports does this with ease and elegance, but, since so much valuable data is collected during the process, it would be a waste of resources not to go the extra mile and provide facilities for management reporting, only found in much more expensive data warehousing systems. Thus, we are giving customers the option of obtaining the Ad hoc reporting module. With a powerful, built-in report writer, management reports become a snap, and a separate data warehousing and reporting system is obsolete.

The built in report-writer is a full fledged reporting system. It contains a powerful visual data query builder, a sleek and flexible, programmable report writer and a report repository system. Thus, reports may be defined once and added to the repository for easy access by management. Report output is also very flexible, with options to generate the reports in PDF, HTML, RTF, Plain Text, or Excel formats. With the click of a button reports may be sent by email.

Read a more detailed description of the spreadsheet in pdf format

Built-in Excel compatible Spreadsheet for Management Reports
Let’s face it. The spreadsheet paradigm is one of the most successful in the history of computers and software. Most people in management feel at ease with a spreadsheet and use it regularly because of its ease of use, power and flexibility. But when it comes to getting data into a spreadsheet, the process is in most cases tedious, and once the data is imported and formulas added and so on, it is more or less a one way process. At least it was so far! CentralReports builds on the very long experience and the success of our Synergy Bank Accounting Software: A full featured, Excel compatible spreadsheet that can collect data directly from the database through special functions. For example you can enter the following formula in a cell and you immediately get the balance of all accounts with codes starting from 1200:

=AccBalance(‘1200%’, ‘31/02/2005’, ‘USD’

The concept is so flexible, it is actually being used by banks running on Synergy to prepare the Central Bank Reports in the format require so far, before the regulations changed.

As mentioned above, the spreadsheet is Excel Compatible (without some of the restrictions, such as unlimited number of rows), and can save in Excel format (note that it is not necessary to have Microsoft Excel installed for any of its functionality). A special mode, allows data to be saved in full Excel compatible format when the custom functions are used. In this case, only the calculated results are saved. This allows the saved worksheets to be opened by Excel.

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