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CBC Reports Assistant, or CBC Assist for short, is a freeware version of our successful CentralReports© software package. It supports much of the functionality of CentralReports that has to do with the verification and validation of Central Bank reports. In other words it allows you to verify that your reports are correct before sending them. It also has functionality to enable you to produce the spreadsheets associated with the reports so that if you are an accountant working on producing the reports you can have an immediate, human readable form of the different report schedules of the Balance sheet, MIR and other reports.

Why Free?
CBC Assist© is not exactly a software published under a freeware license! It is released under what we call a Causeware license. A causeware license is basically a freeware license that allows you to use the software for free, even in business or commercial environments, but there is a catch. If you like it, and if you feel that you are getting something out of it, you could make a donation for a good cause. You are not obliged to do it by any means, it is left up to you to decide if and how much you will donate. Donations, if any don’t have to be large. Small donations to the right cause are usually more effective.

Coming to the “why free?” question, let us just say that it is both, a form advertising our technical skills and proficiency, and at the same time possibly serve a good cause through possible donations.
For those who are still not convinced, let us just say that this is not our only free software or service. We are the inceptors, executioners and maintainers of the www.cygazette.com and www.cylawreports.com websites, which have been up since 2003. We have also published more traditional software for free at times, for example XTreme Wake on Lan (XWOL), a small utility that allows you to switch on your computer remotely (even through the internet with the right setup), XTreme Geotag, a software that allows you to tag your photographs with GPS coordinates and map them on Google Maps™. XTreme Mail Client is our soon to be released mail client which has the unique feature of storing email messages in a relational database and, with its full text indexing allows super fast, full text searches on huge volumes of mail.


Easy to setup and portable
As a rule, all our software products, be they free or paid for, are easy to setup and portable. They all usually come with an installer, and they are one hundred percent self contained. They do not rely on any external components that need registration and they can be used as portable applications, meaning they can be run from a USB flash drive.

Fast and Robust
CBC Assist is a very mature application since it shares its code base with CentralReports, our central bank reporting product which has been in use since 2005 and has a proven record of stability. It is simply solid! It is also very fast, using various techniques to optimize the report validation and spreadsheet generation processes. For example, we are in the process of filing for a patent on our “SmartCache” (more on this later) technology, found in the built in spreadsheet.
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